out of the passion for music and timeless leadership we created a special evening gala which has been inspiring leaders year after year, since 2013


leadership concert is an event for those who search for the beauty of every moment

This is not just a concert and it’s not just a conference. It is an evening of no compromise: improve your own leading model by coming into contact with ideas that challenge your perception of leadership, while nourishing your spirit just as much as your mind, through the power of classical music.

This is a magical experience that creates even more magic: all the funds obtained are donated to social causes that fight for moving the society forward.

This year, change is our inspiration:

leadership concert – metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is the transformation that made you who you are today. It is what makes you who you will become tomorrow. Metamorphosis is the change you inspire in others.

This is an invitation to open up to new paradigms of leadership presented by two renowned international professors: Hitendra Wadhwa (Professor of Practice at Columbia Business School and founder of the Institute for Personal Leadership) and Kevin Kaiser (Professor of Management Practice at INSEAD and Director of the Transition to General Management programme).

Metamorphosis is an evening of networking and free debates on topics you often think about, with members of the Romanian and international business world, peers who have gone through transformations and whose experiences can enrich your own experience.

this year, leadership concert supports teach for romania, world vision and ave romania

  • Teach For Romania


    Teach for Romania is a nonprofit organization established in 2013, which is contributing to the evolution of the Romanian educational system. Because we believe everyone should have access to quality education, we train some of the most talented Romanians to become leaders in education and teachers for children in vulnerable areas. Starting September 2016, 64 professors will start teaching in over 30 schools in 10 districts. Teach for Romania is part of the global network Teach for All which follows the vision of equal rights to education in over 40 countries. In 2 years, Teach for Romania has had an impact on over 4000 children with the help of its first generation of teachers.

    Find out more about the project here.


  • World Vision


    World Vision Romania is a Christian foundation that runs programs for emergency humanitarian response, development and advocacy work being particularly its child welfare. Inspired by Christian values, the foundation works with the most vulnerable people in the world, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

    World Vision Romania is part of World Vision International partnership in nearly 100 countries worldwide. In 25 years of presence in Romania, the foundation has helped more than 500,000 children and adults in 400 communities in eight counties. This year, World Vision Romania continues the “I want to be in the 9th grade” program which supports rural students without financial possibilities to continue their high school studies. During the 2015-2016 school year, 236 students from rural areas benefited from scholarships and educational activities.

    Find out more about the project here.

  • Ave Romania

    AVE is a community of professionals, businessmen, entrepreneurs and specialists that activate in the field of education, using financial resources and experts from the private sector to improve the educational system in Romania.

    AVE supports public policies and advocacy initiatives, implementing strategic projects by partnering up with educational institutions and the business community.

    The aim of AVE is to build an educational system that creates future professionals.

    Find out more about the project here.